ECHHO Springtime Storyletter 2018

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Thank you, thank you, thank you to our volunteers and our generous donors!

Ours is a unique organization providing our services free of charge, and our volunteers and those who support us financially keep ECHHO going! Daily, we receive messages of gratitude from people we’ve helped in their times of need. Our staff a happy group because we know the amazing differences we are making in the lives of people who have nowhere else to turn for the support ECHHO provides. As the Dalai Lama says, “Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” ECHHO is about compassion; we are about helping people know that WE CARE, and that they are living in a kind and loving community! We are extremely grateful for all of you who help us in our mission.

“The best part of being a volunteer driver is that the investment of a small amount of time can make a huge positive impact on the life for someone who needs transportation.”

The message was on Jeffrey’s phone when he came in: “I have to get to a Silverdale medical appointment tomorrow because I have a suspicious lump. Can ECHHO get me a ride?” Although we normally request a 2-week notice for out-of-town rides, this lady is a widow who just had a knee replacement, and her son needs to get home to his
own family. She will need to go to physical therapy three times a week. How will she get there? She calls ECHHO, and our volunteer gets her where she needs to go. Her driver tells her the reason he drives is because he loves doing it!

Why be a driver? Because of the satisfaction you’ll receive from helping people, doing something meaningful, feeling needed, giving back, getting to know the passengers, receiving appreciation and recognition and being able to donate time instead of money.


ECHHO’s typical growth rate in the past has been 5-7 percent annually, but our numbers last year were considerably higher, from 7.8% to 23% in different categories! In 2011 we had 70 volunteers to serve approximately 1/3 the clients we have at this time, and we now have only 67 volunteers!

Just like the rest of us, drivers grow old and retire. Many go south for winters. PLEASE help us recruit from among your friends and neighbors, and coworkers!

Tell them we will reimburse their travel expenses, and that they do not have to make any time commitment, can work when they wish and say “no” when they need to!

There are times when life is difficult, but even in pain, suffering is optional, and we have the resources to make things better!!!

Don’t want to drive? ECHHO needs compassionate volunteers to help with minor household chores after surgery or an accident for those who have no other support.

Please call us for information about this wonderful Home Services Project.


One couple gave us a donation that enabled us to purchase 2 new lift chairs (we had a long waiting list for these), as well as needed commodes and toilet risers. With 82% of our support coming from our community and 36% of that from individual donors, those clients who need these items are surely thankful for such generosity!

We recently received a $1,000 matching donation from Chevron because one of their former employees remembered to ask. WE HAVE A LIST OF AGENCIES THAT WILL MATCH YOUR DONATIONS, sometimes even double them or more! Please call our office to inquire; we will email a copy of that list to you: 360.379.3246.

You can make donations to ECHHO from our website,, simply by clicking the DONATE button!

ECHHO can accept donations of your unused automobiles!!!

If your car is retired in the garage because you can no longer drive, that can mean a substantial donation to ECHHO and will cost you nothing! The process is very simple; just click the car donation button on our website or make the phone call, 877.999.8322 and ECHHO (and our clients!!!) will rejoice in your kindness!

The only way money can bring happiness is if you give it away.

“Joy comes as a gift, almost as reward for this non-self-regarding caring for others.”
Archbishop Desmond Tutu

St. Ignatius, founder of the Jesuits, referred to this as “self-donating love”.
  In this way, our compassion and generosity becomes a source of joy to us!