Summer 2017 ECHHO Newsletter

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Summer Newsletter from your Executive Director

Since June 1, ECHHO volunteers have served 379 people. Our drivers drove 11,640 miles taking our clients to 609 medical appointments and we loaned 381 pieces of medical equipment! These are not just numbers; you, our volunteers have made a significant difference in the lives of all these people in our community. We here in the ECHHO office, as well as our Board of Directors, want to thank you more than we can say for your loving, compassionate service of goodness and grace!!!

“Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.” The Dalai Lama

With requests for our service growing as the population increases, we need more volunteers. Please mention this to anyone you know who might be interested; just have them call us at the office!

Introducing Susanne:

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Susanne Ericson, our new Volunteer Administrator. Susanne came to the rescue when Jeffrey was away, and both staff and volunteers fell in love with her, so we’ve invited her to stay! She’ll be working with office volunteers and doing all the administrative business of bring new people onboard. You’re invited to drop by to greet Susanne Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays!

NEW PROJECT! ~~~~~~~~

When ECHHO began serving the community nearly 20 years ago, we didn’t offer transportation and medical equipment loans. In the beginning, our volunteers focused on meeting the needs of people in their homes, i.e. helping out after surgery, visiting lonely and housebound folks and helping with simple household chores. We have a few volunteers at this time who don’t want to drive or work in the office, and it is our intention now to return to expanded in-home services. This might include such things as weekly home visits just to chat or play games, preparing a meal, taking people outdoors for walks or to sit in the sun, help with gardening and much more.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in this sort of caring for others, please call Susanne, our new volunteer coordinator! Also, we are looking for someone who might be willing to help coordinate these efforts, which might involve 2 hours a week and could be done from home!!! Call Sarah if you’d like to help coordinate this project; it should be a fun job.


  • Talk about ECHHO wherever you go! In churches, community organizations, on the bus, neighbors, tell everyone all that ECHHO can do to help!
  • Take brochures to churches, medical offices, post offices, libraries, anywhere there are people!
  • With your clients’ permission, snap some photos for us to use in our communications, grant applications and other media. Ask if we could use their stories of how ECHHO has helped in their lives! And then email these to Sarah or drop them off at the office.
  • Stop by the office occasionally when you’re in the area and as if we could use a helping hand! Staff just finished folding, envelope-stuffing and return addressing 250 letters!


Sarah McMahan,
Executive Director