Our Services

Weight Lifting Class

Travel to Medical Appointments

We give rides to medical appointments and necessary errands.

We need 2 weeks to schedule appointments to Seattle, 1 week for local appointments except in emergency, in which case we’ll do our best. Each person must be able to get in and out of vehicles with minimal assistance, or be accompanied by a caregiver who can assist.

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Home and Domestic Assistance

We assist with light housekeeping: vacuuming, laundry or meal preparation on a short term basis (e.g. a person recuperating from surgery) or on an occasional basis (one or two times a month). We are available to fix a leaky faucet or loose step, or to assist with other straight-forward repairs. The care receiver must provide materials for any minor repairs. We cannot do major repairs, but will help arrange for someone who can.

  • Mow the yard, whack the weeds (may require using your own equipment)
  • Keep the garden growing: pull weeds, water, etc.
  • Fix things, i.e. drawers, doors, assess for trip hazards (minor home repairs only)
  • Install grab bars
  • Flip the mattress
  • Change light bulb
  • Walk the dog a few times weekly
  • Care for pets while owners in hospital or recuperating from surgery
  • Clean litterboxes
  • Go grocery shopping, run other local errands
  • Take out garbage
  • Do laundry, fold and put away
  • Make the bed with fresh bedding
  • Do light housekeeping, i.e. sweep, vacuum, dishes
  • Fix lunch
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Shopping and Errands

We provide this service for folks who cannot find this support from other resources.

Pick-up & deliver food from the Food Bank.

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Friendly Visits

We provide these for persons who are home-bound; and occasionally we will take a person on an outing.

  • Check daily on one who lives alone and might be at risk
  • Weekly home visits; chat, play games
  • Teach skills, i.e. computer, Facebook
  • Read to someone who has a hard time reading
  • Watch a movie together
  • Go out to lunch
  • Take to free legal or tax clinic
  • Go for a walk or drive
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Loans of Medical Equipment

We lend wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, bath seats, commodes, hospital beds and other items free of charge to anyone who needs them.

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Healthcare Assistance

  • Be a patient advocate: Take notes during doctor visits, keep someone company in ER
  • Pick up & deliver home healthcare equipment from ECHHO
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Yoga Class

To Obtain Serivces:

  • Connector.


    To obtain volunteer services, give us a call. ECHHO will take care of getting the necessary paperwork and referrals completed on your behalf.

  • Connector.

    (360) 379-3246

    Or email us at info@echhojc.org

  • Connector.

    Making Referrals:

    Social service workers, health care practitioners and pastors are welcome to refer clients for services. ECHHO will need to know that the referring party believes there is a genuine need for help, and to the best of his/her knowledge, the client is a safe person for ECHHO volunteers to accompany.


Please call our office if you need clarification.
Call: (360) 379-3246
Email:  info@echhojc.org